Desmo - copper fire extinguisher

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The copper / bras Desmo powder fire extinguisher was made by Desmo LTD, London England and was imported by Boomsma in Naarden, the Netherlands.
The following Dutch text is on the fire extinguisher:

DESMO Tetrachloorkoolstof Jaar van fabricatie ? (B 71 4 BZ)
Geschikt voor alle branden behalve in besloten ruimten waar personen aanwezig zijn.
Importeur Boomsma's Handelsonderneming Laren NH
Gebruiksaanwijzing apparaat uit houder nemen en pompen

From 1910 this type extinguishers were used in vehicles, aircraft and vessels.

Looks magnificent, nice decorative item in your classic car, showroom or garage. 
37 cm long. See the last picture how it may looks when its well polished.

The pump mechanism produces a strong jet of 3mm diameter with a range of ± 8 meters. The extinguisher is equipped in accordance with a Dutch text and comes from the Eindhoven city buses (Magirus Deutz type) 1950's. The lable includes the name of the Dutch importer ‘Boomsmas Handelschondeneming Laren (NH)’. At the time it was filled with Carbon tetrachloride (CTC or CC14), a highly dangerous product because the saturated steam was a chemical weapon (WWI). CTC inhibits the chemical chain reaction of the combustion process as it dispels oxygen. The extinguisher should not be used in enclosed spaces with people and was usually mounted in the engine compartment.  There were many different Pyrene extinguishers manufactured with a wide variety of labels.  They were also manufactured in several different countries as well.

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