Vintage brass doorbell with Latin inscription.

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This door bell with bracket is in a nice condition and richly decorated with an angel and dragons.

Around the top of the bell, an inscription in Latin reads “vocem mean audi, qui me tangit,” which translates as “he who touches me hears my voice.” This bell has a very nice clear sound.


the height of the bell is 13.5 cm and the diameter of the bell is 13 cm.
-total length of the mounting bracket with the bell (excluding chain) is 44 cm.
-total width forward is 22 cm.
Total height incl. handle: 64 cm.
Width handle approx. 9 cm.
-length of the mounting plate 28 cm.
-width of the mounting plate 10 cm.

The whole weighs about 2,5 kg.

The origin of these vintage doorbell is unknown although similar bells can be found in France and Germany where they are still used in churches, schools and homes.


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